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Calling ALL Coaches, Parents and Athletes

Learn Cupping Therapy for athletes!


We are offering a NEW course geared for Parents, Coaches, and Athletes! 

August 10th 9am-3pm at Phoenix Wellness and Education Center

                                      712 Carbon St #5 Billings

​You will learn:

  • ​Why we cup after intense workouts

  • Why professional athletes use cupping

  • How to relieve tension in sore muscles

  • How to free up a stiff joint

  • How to improve mobility and speed

  • How to improve performance

  • How to recover faster after injury

  • When and How to use cupping therapy for yourself, and your athletes


​Class is $150 per person and includes all equipment required to get started!


Register before August 1st and receive $25 off the price!!

Click here to register: 

​Call the Clinic to register by phone: 406-690-0849. This is a landline, please don't text.

Registration deadline August 1st to ensure equipment is available.

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