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Constitutional Facial Rejuvenation

Some people ask me if there is anything acupuncture can do to reduce the signs of aging. There absolutely is!

Facial acupuncture has been used in Asia to help women (and men) maintain their beauty and vitality for nearly 5000 years. As early as 221 B.C., Chinese doctors were practicing a form of dermatology. They were directed to coordinate five areas of treatment to enhance beauty and promote long life. These areas were:

  • Dietary advice – advocate the consumption of appropriate foods

  • herbal therapies

  • Chinese massage - Tui Na

  • meditation – Qi Gong, Tai Chi

  • acupuncture

In Constitutional Facial Acupuncture, we treat the face as an extension of the acupuncture meridian system. In this way, we are treating imbalances in the body to affect overall health. Constitutional Facial Acupuncture is a safe, painless and effective treatment for renewing the face as well as the whole body.

During a Constitutional Facial Acupuncture treatment herbal masks, poultices and moisturizers are placed on the face. Other tools are used as well, such as jade rollers to increase circulation and cool the face down. Very thin needles are placed on the face and neck as well as at various acupuncture point locations on the body to stimulate the body’s natural energy. Muscle groups and acupuncture points are used. As muscle motor points are stimulated with acupuncture needles, the face will lift itself because the muscle tone is restored. The needles also stimulate circulation and boost the body's natural collagen production in the face, which improves the tone and vitality.

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture involves the patient in a process toward looking and feeling more vitalized. In order to achieve maximum effectiveness, it is necessary to undergo a series of treatments. After an initial treatment, the practitioner will evaluate the patient’s response to acupuncture. Then, taking into account several other lifestyle variables and the response to acupuncture treatment the practitioner will recommend a course of treatment including number of visits in the series.

Typically a series consists of 10-12 weekly treatments. This can go up to 20 treatments for people who smoke, or use a straw, or those whose skin tends to sag.

After the first treatment the face should have a healthy “glow”. It will be more open and clear. The patient appears more rested and the skin may appear more hydrated and toned.

Usually, a significant difference is perceivable after about the 5th to 7th treatment. Muscles begin to lift jowls and sagging areas. The skin tone is more uniform, the appearance of rest and relaxation is more pronounced. By the end of the series, the patient should look and feel younger.

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture is non-invasive, less costly than surgical procedures, and draws upon the ancient Chinese wisdom related to longevity, beauty and balance.

Benefits of Constitutional Facial Acupuncture:


  • Improves acne

  • Helps menopause, perimenopause, PMS and other GYN issues

  • Helps sinus congestion and headache

  • Improves thyroid function

  • Reduces symptoms of TMJ, toothache, Bell’s palsy

  • Treats digestive issues

  • Benefits the eyes, ears and brain

  • Can help sleep issues

  • Helps depression and boosts self-esteem


  • Improves collagen production and muscle tone

  • Helps reduce bags and sagging tendencies

  • Helps eliminate fine lines and diminish larger wrinkles

  • Helps reduce double chin and lift drooping eyelids

  • Improves metabolism

  • Tightens pores and brightens eyes

  • Increases local blood and lymph circulation

  • Improves facial color

  • Reduces stress and promotes total health and well being

There are a few conditions which would be contraindicated for facial acupuncture. These include:

  • Unregulated high blood pressure

  • Severe migraine within the last 3 months

  • Laser resurfacing within the last 3 weeks

  • Microdermabrasion within the last 2 weeks


ce the skin has healed after resurfacing, treatment can be given to the face. While the face is recovering, acupuncture can be performed, just not in the face. In patients experiencing migraine headaches, we would want to resolve the headaches first, and then we could perform facial acupuncture. There are other times in which facial acupuncture would not be the preferred treatment, but other acupuncture treatments and modalities would be appropriate. Contact your licensed acupuncturist for more information.

References: Wakefield, Mary Elizabeth Chi-Akra Center, NewYork, NY, USA

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